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Susan Prime - Life Coach



Susan Prime BA(Hons) AMInstLM INLPTA
Certified and Accredited Personal Life Coach and Adult Teacher


Susan is: 

  • An accredited Life Coach, holding an Advanced qualification with The Coaching Academy, Europe's leading coach training provider. She is also a Licensed Trainer for The Coaching Academy.

  • An Empowered Spritual Life Coach, trained by Sharon Wilson of Coaching with Spirit Inc.

  • An Adult Trainer and Teacher for Buckinghamshire Adult Learning.

  • A Speaker for your events.

Specialist areas:

  • Healing your Life after Divorce
  • Building Self-confidence to Get your Life back on Track
  • Finding your Passionate Purpose in Life
  • Moving beyond Health Issues to a Life of Abundance
  • Balancing your Personal and Business Life with Ease

Susan has trained in Corporate and Executive Coaching and Small Business Coaching but her particular expertise lies in supporting women who have been affected adversely due to divorce, ill health or redundancy and who have lost their self-confidence.  Her skills lie in empowering these individuals to move forward with confidence so they are able to achieve their full potential and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Susan's own background:

Susan has direct experience of most of the situations she finds clients dealing with, particularly chronic ill health, having been registered disabled for over a decade with M.E. and turning her own life around to live a rich and rewarding life.  She knows how devastating it can be to face an uncertain future through no fault of your own and made up her mind six years ago to devote herself to supporting individuals in such circumstances to regain their energy and sense of purpose.

Susan now runs her own coaching practice, Prime Coaching Services Ltd, based in Winslow and sees her clients face-to-face at Horn Street Clinic.  She also coaches via Skype or over the telephone.

You can contact Susan directly at susan@primecoachingservices.co.uk or telephone Horn Street Clinic for an appointment.

What is Life coaching?

Having your own life coach is one of the most effective ways to move yourself from where you are now to where you would like to be in terms of your:

In fact, in any area of your life where you feel 'stuck' and powerless. 

A life coach partners with you as your biggest cheerleader, who supports you every step of your journey, never judging your decisions and always helping you to transform any negative, limiting beliefs you may hold into positive and empowering beliefs.

A life coach partners with you to look at where you are now and where you want to be in the future.  Susan shows you how to set powerful, purposeful goals which bring you the results you want, not just wish for.

A life coach holds the vision you describe for your future and helps you to plan your most direct route and devise an action plan to bring your most satisfying goals to fruition. 

Who can benefit from having a personal Life coach?

Answer: Anyone!  Most successful people have a coach to hold them accountable for the actions they need to take to achieve the results they desire.  It is not a sign of weakness, but of courage and strength.  It shows that you really are serious about making positive changes in your life. 

Anyone can wish for improvements in their life.  Having a life coach shows your commitment to creating those improvements and taking action.

NB: Sometimes individuals are very depressed and unable to cope with their emotion and everyday tasks .  This does not mean that coaching is not appropriate for them, but it is likely that they will need counselling before they feel like looking to their future.

What Life coaching is not:

Life coaching is not counselling, nor is it mentoring.  Life coaching is a relatively new discipline and is often confused with both of these. 

There are inevitable overlaps on occasions, however a certified life coach who adheres to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics will tend to be non-directive, that is will not give advice or lead the client to particular conclusions. 

A counsellor will support clients through and post anxiety or trauma so that they can lead normal lives again.  Once through this stage, a client can seek support from a life coach who will focus them on what is possible and achievable. 

A mentor will give a client the benefit of their experience and success.  Some clients will ask for such advice, however a coach's skill is in inspiring a client's own thoughts, ideas and actions.  It is, after all, their life!

Will Life coaching help me become more confident?

If a client takes the actions they agree to, then their confidence will grow.  It is as simple as that.  This is what makes life coaching so powerful.  Overcoming barriers of insecurity or fear in order to achieve a goal, no matter how big or small, is empowering. 

"It is a wonderful feeling to finally move forward with confidence!

What Others say about Susan as Coach:

"Susan Prime listens to people with her heart open.  She helps you to find the silver lining in the cloud of your troubles and encourages you to focus on that.  She is patient and radiates kindness.  I always come away after spending time with her feeling richer for the experience.

Susan has the gift and skill to help people through the darkest times of their lives.  She would be an asset on any therapeutic team because healing the soul is as essential to healing process as healing the body.  Susan's compassionate listening and coaching skills guide people to a wonderful resolution of their problems."

Kathleen Maxwell

Chief Imagination Officer


San Mateo, California